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Surf the internet without hesitation with the Web Security software

It's not easy to protect your privacy while surfing. The perfect privacy-sensitive, but mass-capable browser does not exist. Only with the right settings and extensions like Web Security, browsers protect the privacy of their users.

Smart security helper

  • Web Security offers extensive real-time protection and relies on advanced databases.
  • The operation of the addon is understandable and self-explanatory
  • The addon is free and can be installed within seconds. Quick and easy!
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a very useful tool ...

After already having bad experiences with dubious websites, I was looking for such an addon!

- Taylor Castle -

Why security on the internet is important

As cyber attacks become more complex and harder to detect, surfing the internet can be a dangerous thing. Unexpectedly, users repeatedly find themselves on websites that are manipulated by criminals and ultimately bring malicious code onto users' devices. According to experts, attacks with malware and phishing scam are increasing and are one of the major threats on the internet. In general, most computers are infected via manipulated or malicious websites on the internet. Users are lured by email on counterfeit pages of banks and online retailers and prompts for the input of access data. If you reveal these, the scammers can then access your account via the real page.

Whenever tampering occurs, as malware attempts to get your passwords, personal information and online banking activity, Web Security will alert and block the page.